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If this understanding of the good news of Jesus prevailed among Christians, the belief that Jesus’s message is about how to get somewhere else, you could possibly end up with a world in which millions of people were starving, thirsty, and poor; the earth was being exploited and polluted; disease and despair were everywhere; and Christians weren’t known for doing much about it. If it got bad enough, you might even have people rejecting Jesus because of how his followers lived.

That would be tragic.


- Rob Bell (Love Wins)


Calligraphy and Logotype
by Sulliman Bodhy

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Tried my hand at a tiled textile design! Luscious lems, wiggle leaves and hand-drawn letters frolicking in a splattery paradise.

By the way, I’ve enabled the “ask me anything” feature on tumblr, so individual posts have a link where you can ask stuff (anonymous or through tumblr). If you’d be interested in seeing this pattern on a particular product — tote bag? pillows? — drop me a line! I made it pretty enormous scale, so anything’s possible!


SMASH by Kyle Wilkinson.


Small-scale editorial: Choosing to live in your own reality, only exposing yourself to news of your own choosing, can leave you blind to the problems of your immediate world.

The Roots by The Great Albatross


Kittyhawk | He Travels in a Suit

I hope you find someone.

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